Shilajit originated from the Himalayan region and is considered a historic concentrated plant life. In its raw form, it is also considered a rich mineral pitch. Shilajit is a compact vegetable organic matter that is comprised of a gummy matrix that is mixed together with minerals and vegetable fibers. Shilajit has been proven to be composed of the following substances: essential vitamins and nutrients, benzoic acid, tannic acid, glycosides, iodine, phosphorous, chloride, iron, sulphur, magnesium, vegetable matter, resin, silica, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, albuminoids, gums, and moisture.


In Eastern nations, Shilajit health benefits has been used in historic times as a folk remedy for numerous disorders such as asthma, anemia, eczema, anorexia, nervous system disorders, epilepsy, digestive disorders, fermentative dyspepsia, enlarged spleen, jaundice, gallstones, diabetes, and genito-urinary diseases. To retain one's youthful vigor, shilajit has also been used as a tonic. Shilajit can be taken as is or in combination with other herbal medicines.


Besides its many herbal and nutritional content, it has also been proven to have novel energetic properties. These energetic properties are capable of increasing drastically the energy of a person, and shilajit has been found to have stronger content of herb, food substance, minerals, and vitamins. When ingredients of shilajit are also compared with ingredients from other herbal sources, their vibratory field has been shown to possess much stronger properties compared to that of other herbal sources. Know what is shilajit!


Vibrational medicine deals with the treatment of a person's body. Such a treatment is obtained when the energetic systems that influence the cellular pattern manifestation of a person is balanced and integrated properly. Vibrational medicine is based upon the belief that the cellular physiology is regulated by the interaction of subtle energy systems. Once you add a small amount of shilajit on a mineral or vitamin preparation, you are most definitely going to enhance the energetic properties of the said mineral or vitamin preparation. When you add such a small amount of shilajit, you are sure to get much more energetic benefit from the vitamin or mineral preparation you chose to ingest. Moreover, the person who took such an enhanced preparation will also have his or her bioenergetic field increased. If you want to learn more about shilajit, you can visit



So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get the many health benefits shilajit offers, then do make sure that you are able to use one. Just a single drop and you will immediately feel its effects. Moreover, if you want to gain more energy, make sure to add a small amount in addition to your vitamin and mineral preparation, and surely, your energy levels will be enhanced compared to the usual.